Property Claims

Property Claim Adjusters

Property Claims

Property damage or destruction of a customer’s home, apartment, business, or belongings disrupts livelihoods and leads to incredibly stressful situations.

For over 25 years, our experienced and knowledgeable team of licensed property and casualty adjusters has understood the importance of quickly processing property claims to indemnify our customers and restore their livelihoods.

Within two hours of claim assignment, a specialized insurance adjuster will be dedicated to your claim and serve as your single point of contact throughout its duration. Your adjuster will develop and implement a custom-tailored solution, conduct an inspection within 48 hours, and compile a report that meets your unique specifications and requirements.

Our experienced adjusters inspect each claim and provide tailored and client-specific reports to determine:

  • The cause of each loss
  • If an insured’s policy covers the loss
  • The extent of damage incurred
  • Identification of damaged or lost property
  • The cost of repairing or replacing damaged or lost property
  • Negotiating settlements and authorizing payments to insureds
  • Recommendations to avoid or mitigate similar claims in the future

At each step of the way, FOCUS Adjusters works in a way that reflects your values, protects our customers’ dignity, and treats each customer with patience, kindness, and compassion.

Commerical Lines

Commercial lines offer the business community property protections. Doing business in the public domain invariably leads to claims of personal harm or loss at the fault of that business. Claimed damages are usually based on alleged negligence.
Additionally, commercial property policies offer protection if actual physical loss of the structure and/or its contents occurs.

Personal Lines

Generally, these policies cover home and contents losses which may be too expensive for the owners to personally afford to replace.
They also offer personal liability protection from claims which may result from an injury or personal loss while on the owner’s property.
Loss of use and additional structures separate from the main dwelling is also covered depending upon the specific needs of the purchased policy.

Large Loss

Large loss insurance is one of the most contentious kinds of personal insurance. There is frequently an issue between the insured loss and actual loss between the policyholder and the insurance company.
Losses named in these policies are specific in scope; therefore, they are limited in what they pay and how much. Fort Orange Claim Service is adept and knowledgeable about handling these sometimes sensitive settlements.


Major insurance carriers define property catastrophe as an extremely devastating loss to more than one individual and costing in excess of 25 million dollars.
They include major weather events, fires, and even acts of terrorism which claim many lives and do widespread property damage.
Over the last 20 years, just under 40 percent of property catastrophes were weather-related. We were adjusters for many of these
Catastrophic health insurance is the other form of catastrophe protection. We are well-versed in these cases as well.

Inland Marine

Inland marine insurance covers a wide assortment of property protections. The role of custody, mode of transportation, communication towers, and even bridges and piers are all components of underwriting this policy protection.
It too has two types: personal and commercial, and they both insure property that is being relocated.

Flood Insurance

FEMA defines a flood as an overflow of inland waters or an unusual, quick accumulation of runoff water or mud.
Property location and its proximity to the flood plain pretty much determines the pricing for these policies. Costs fluctuate depending upon whether you live in a high-risk area.
Here again, Fort Orange Claim Service has the experience and professionals in place to help with flood insurance.

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